XCBG's Multichannel Services

Beacon's multichannel services solutions are provided to clients on a client driven approach rather than a project drive one. We endeavor to work closely with our clients over the long term to grow and expand their market presence around the World resulting in increased sales revenue from the distribution of their products and or services. Since our inception we have built up an international reputation for delivering the highest standards possible in international customer service. Beacon's core competency and strength exists in delivering the following services to our clientele...

Our range of services include:

  • Sales/Marketing
  • Staff Augmentation of Business Development
  • Staff Augmentation of International Operations
  • Staff Augmentation of International Division  
  • Sourcing Consortium Participants/Sub Contractors/Strategic Partners
  • Oversight of Market Field Operations
  • Headquarters Liaison Services   
  • International Trade Services
  • Export Promotions
  • Business Development
  • Government Relations
  • Strategic Counsel
  • Sourcing Debt, Equity, Trade and Project Financing
  • Export Credit Insurance
  • Political Risk Insurance

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